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MET Opera conducting Debut.
"Conductor Daniele Rustioni Dominates, Leads Riveting Cast In Memorable Performance.
...Maestro Daniele Rustioni, who is all of 34-years-old, didn’t buy into that histrionic trend, opting for carrying the listener through a truly dramatic adventure that really brought Verdi’s detail to life.
...But Rustioni managed to keep it dramatically powerful but precise in execution with a strong balance throughout the orchestra.
His attention to the ensemble in the orchestra was truly mesmerizing. That opening of Act 3, with the precision in the arpeggiated violins, allowed the winds to flow seamlessly, the two sections working together to take us to a mystical world.
...But perhaps Rustioni’s greatest accomplishment on the night was to draw out such wondrous depth from the orchestra without every stealing the spotlight from his cast. If anything, his attention to their subtle gestures was so dedicated that he seemed to push them to another level, offering them exquisite support.
...When he pranced onto the stage to take his bow at the end of the night, the audience erupted with more excitement than it had at any point before.”
Opera Wire, David Salazar