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Teatro Regio Di Torino 2017-18 Review: Don Giovanni
Carlos Alvarez, Daniele Rustioni Lead A Performance of the Highest Order
Highest Standard
The musical side of the production was in the hands of the conductor, Daniele Rustioni, and it would be fair to say that he created a presentation of the highest standards, leading the cast and the Orchestra del Teatro Regio in a detailed, elegant reading. The orchestra, always alive to the onstage drama, played with vibrancy, balance and flair, and highlighted the subtle contrasts within the score. Moreover, Rustioni produced a wonderfully integrated sound in which the soloists, who all put in consummate performances, were complemented magnificently by the orchetra’s masterful playing.
...Overall, this was a musical production from the top draw. It would be difficult to imagine how it could be improved upon; individually, every singer put in a first class performance, and together they created a masterful ensemble, supported by an excellent performance from the orchestra, and well-executed singing from the Coro del Teatro Regio
Operawire, Alan Neilson