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Macbeth, Thane of Wall Street: Lyon's Verdi Festival launches with “the Scottish opera”
The finest Verdian, though, was in the pit. Daniele Rustioni drove the performance on, relishing Verdi's buoyant rhythms in a pulsating reading. He also drew nuanced singing from his excellent chorus, the highlight being a powerful “Patria oppressa”. Rustioni only took up his post as Principal Conductor last September and he is clearly already an enormous asset to the company. Opéra de Lyon will do well to keep him here.

Darkness and grandeur in Christophe Honoré's staging of Don Carlos for Opéra de Lyon
Honoré and conductor Daniele Rustioni present the original French version (as was never performed in 1867) although not quite complete, in a production which hit the spot far more than Krzysztof Warlikowski’s frosty Paris staging  last autumn.
...Rustioni had full measure of Verdi's epic score, balancing energy and drive with a sense of majesty and dignity, drawing tireless playing from his orchestra. This was easily the most satisfying presentation of the French version I've witnessed.

Bachtrack, Mark Pullinger