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Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra debut.
"Second coming of Toscanini! No. 825 Subscription concert on 26 February at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre conducted by Daniele Rustioni, Italy’s promising talent, was absolutely overwhelming. He is a deep rooted opera conductor. The first half of the program consisted of Dukas’ L’apprenti Sorcier and Respighi’s Fontane di Roma. Rustioni’s tempi were precise, rhythm crisp and clear. He conducts throughout the orchestral works in the conducting style acquired in opera theatre, never losing sight of its focus in the long scenes that is reminiscent of Toscanini.
What a vivid impression it left especially in Fontane di Roma! The first part which could otherwise have the tendency of being obscure was already lucid with its vertical line. No tricks. Then in the opening of the second part, the violins’ repeated notes in the highest register come through fiercely like a cry of coloratura soprano. The first sound brought drastic change in the atmosphere. It would not be possible to handle an opera theater without this magic. Rustioni is unmistakably a magician. The swelling sound that followed was just stunning. The overwhelming sonority continues to dominate without losing its core. Then follows Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastic in the second half. Rustioni style
continues to show its master of artistry. He does not stick to the insanity and wild fantasy of the composer’s idea but rather to expose everything in the score in the sunshine, making it sing along the firm rhythm and ring through. The careful handling of the transition between the English Horn and Timpani in piano in the 3rd movement “Scene aux champs” is nothing but splendid. Rustioni’s conducting really reaches to the depth making one intoxicated by its bright voluptuousness. The perfect harmony created with the orchestra was indeed uncommon. It was not a mere guest conducting. We certainly crave to hear this combination more in the future."
Asahi Shimbun, Morihide Katayama